Studio61 Buy Outright Terms & Conditions

1. Commencement: The terms and conditions of our buying agreement take effect from the moment your items are dropped off at Studio61, located at 61 West Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060.

2. Item Limit: Each consignment batch is limited to a maximum of 12 items.

3. Drop-off Form: Clients are required to complete a drop-off form detailing all items within their consignment batch. A link to this form is provided here.

3. Liability: Studio61 assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage to merchandise while under our care.

4. Item Evaluation: Upon drop-off, Studio61 staff will assess the suitability of each item. Unsuitable items will be returned immediately. Within 7 days, clients will be notified via email about the selling price of each accepted item. Absence of a response within 3 days assumes an agreement to prices and grants Studio61 the right to proceed with selling the items.

5. Ownership and Payment: Items remain the property of the client until an agreement is reached. Following agreement on price and payout, ownership transfers to Studio61, allowing immediate sale of the merchandise.

6. Payments: Payout notifications are issued 14 days after agreement, with payment terms set at five days from notification, or as store credit valid for six months. Store credits are final and non-exchangeable for cash payments.

7. Payment Terms: Bank transfer payments are processed within five business days upon payment notification, following a comprehensive quality inspection and steam cleaning of the items. Any items found damaged will be returned or donated, with adjustments made to the payment or store credit as necessary.

8. Marketing and Distribution: Studio61 manages the marketing, sale, and distribution of consigned items through our Sydney location, online platforms (eBay, Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy), and our online store at

9. Pricing Discretion: Studio61 reserves the right to adjust the advertised price by up to 20% for eBay or online listings.

10. Payout Rates: For bank transfers, the payout rate is set at 25% of the target retail selling price. For store credits, the rate is 50% of the target retail selling price.


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