Buying Terms and Conditions

1. The client buying agreement starts on the day that items are dropped off at Studio61, Consignment Stores Sydney, 61 West Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060.

2. Maximum of 12 items per buying batch.

3. A drop-off form must be completed by the client listing all items in the drop off batch.






3. Studio61 shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to merchandise while it is under Studio61’s control. 

4. Studio61 staff will look through the client’s items during the drop-off and will return any unsuitable items on the spot. Studio61 will inform the client by email of the selling price of each approved item. The client must reply with an agreement to proceed or not proceed with either store credit or purchase (buy outright).

5. Merchandise shall remain the property of the client until the agreement is made or items are collected. As soon as the agreement is made, Studio61 takes ownership of the approved merchandise and the client agrees that Studio61 can sell the merchandise straight away. 

7. Studio61 will offer money (as a bank transfer within 14 days) or store credit (valid for 6 months) at the payout rates listed below. Our decision to offer buy-outright or store credit will vary week to week depending on market forces.

All store credits are final and cannot be converted to a buy-outright payment

8. Unapproved items must be taken on the drop off day. Bank transfer payment terms are strictly 7 business days from the agreement date. During this time Studio61 will carry out a thorough QC inspection and steam cleaning. If at any time, items are found to have damage, they will be returned to the client and the payment or store credit agreement will be updated.

9. Studio61 will arrange for the marketing, sale and distribution of merchandise.

10. Client agrees that Studio61 may at its discretion, increase the advertised selling price from the proposed selling price by up to 20% to allow for sales, rewards or discounts to achieve the proposed retail selling price.

11. A $20 surcharge is added for each online item. This is a customer’s fee and is not included in payout calculations. For example, a dress of $100 will be listed at $120. This fee covers photography and the creation of online listings.

12. Studio61’s payout rates for bank transfers are strictly 25% of the target retail selling price. Studio61’s payout rates for store credit are strictly 50% of the target retail selling price.