Luxury Bag Authentication Sydney

Welcome to Studio61 Boutique, North Sydney’s destination for luxury bag authentication services. Nestled in the heart of Sydney, we pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled level of expertise and precision in authenticating high-end designer bags. Whether you’re looking to verify the authenticity of a cherished Chanel or a timeless Hermès, our team at Studio61 Boutique is here to offer you peace of mind with Entrupy, a state-of-the-art authentication process.

Our Services

At Studio61 Boutique, we understand the importance of ensuring the authenticity of your luxury bag. Our comprehensive authentication process is designed to provide you with certainty and confidence in your luxury items. Our rates are tailored to cater to a range of luxury and high-end brands:

Standard Luxury Brands: $60 per authentication
Chanel: $100 per authentication
Hermès: $200 per authentication

Each authentication service includes a detailed certificate sent directly to your email, providing proof of your item’s authenticity.

How It Works

Our process begins with a preliminary assessment by our team of experts. We will visually inspect your luxury bag and offer our initial opinion on its authenticity. Following this, we utilise the cutting-edge Entrupy technology to conduct a thorough authentication. This process allows us to examine the minute details of your bag, ensuring a high level of accuracy.

Please note, we charge for our authentication service regardless of the outcome. Our commitment is to transparency and integrity, ensuring you receive an honest evaluation every time.

Added Assurance

In instances where a bag is not authenticated, Studio61 Boutique offers an additional service for your peace of mind. For an extra $30, we can provide a letter of evidence from Entrupy, which you may use to make a claim. This letter serves as a formal document, detailing the findings of our authentication process.


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