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Consignment Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Studio61’s consignment partnership. Our collaboration begins from the moment you drop off your items at our store located at 61 West Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060.

1. Commencement: Our consignment relationship commences on the day you bring your items to Studio61.

2. Item Documentation: We request that consignors fill out a drop-off form detailing all items included in their batch. You can find the link to this document on our buying information page here.

3. Sales and Marketing Efforts: Studio61 is committed to promoting, selling, and distributing your consigned items through our physical location at 61 West Street, North Sydney, as well as online through eBay, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, and our dedicated online store at

4. Distribution Scope: We offer your items for sale both in Australia and internationally, with shipping and packaging costs covered by either the end buyer or Studio61 for online purchases.

5. Liability: Studio61 assumes responsibility for any loss or damage to your items while in our custody.

6. Ownership: Items remain your property until sold through our regular business operations.

7. Sales Efforts: We pledge our utmost effort in marketing and distributing your items across the aforementioned platforms and territories.

8. Pricing Agreement: All pricing decisions are made in collaboration with you, the consignor, prior to any sale.

9. Payout Rates: Details regarding consignment payout rates are available on our payout rates page, applicable to sales made in-store, on our website, and through our social media channels.

10. Online Price Add-On: An additional $20 surcharge is added to the listing price of each online item to cover costs associated with photography, modelling, and listing creation. This fee is added to the item’s selling price rather than charged to you.

11. Price Integrity: We commit not to sell your merchandise for less than 80% of the agreed-upon price without your consent, which can be given verbally, via text, or email.

12. Price Adjustments: We may reduce the listed price by up to 20% as part of our sales strategy or increase it by up to 25% for eBay listings.


Flexible Pricing Strategy for Unsold Items:

With your agreement, we will reduce the price by 30% if the item has not sold after 8 weeks, and by 50% if the item has not sold after 12 weeks. To opt-out of this reduction and retrieve your items, please do so after 8 weeks using the pickup link provided here.

13. Consignment Period: Items are consigned for a period of 8 to 16 weeks. Early withdrawal of items within this period incurs a $20 charge per item to cover initial listing costs.

14. Returns Policy: Adhering to Studio61 and Preloved Clothing Online’s return policy, returned items are reinstated to your inventory, and adjustments made to your payout balance as necessary.

15. Payout Schedule: Payout notifications are issued 14 days after a domestic sale or 30 days following an international sale, with payment terms set at five days from notification. This time period allows us to adhere to our returns policy.

16. Final Payout: The final payout is processed after the collection of any unsold items, unless an alternative arrangement has been made.

By partnering with Studio61, you’re entrusting us with the opportunity to give your preloved items a new lease on life. We’re dedicated to handling your items with care and ensuring they find a new home through our extensive marketing and sales channels.


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